Key to Abreviations

Key to Abbreviations

Key to Abbreviations used in the Mines and Prospects Digital Database References

1. Agency

BLM - U.S. Bureau of Land Management
DOE - U.S. Department of Energy
DMA - Defense Minerals Administration
DMEA - Defense Minerals Exploration Administration
IBMG - Idaho Bureau of Mines and Geology
IGS - Idaho Geological Survey
MSHA - Mining Safety and Health Administration
OME - Office of Mineral Exploration
USBM - U. S. Bureau of Mines
USDA - U. S. Department of Agriculture
USFS - U. S. Forest Service
USGS - U. S. Geological Survey
WFOC - Western Field Operations Center

2. Publication

B - Bulletin
CR - County Report
IC - Information Circular
MILS - Mineral Inventory Location Subsystem
MLA - Mineral Land Assessment
MPF - Mineral Property File
MRDS - Mineral Resources Data System
OFR - Open-File Report
P - Pamphlet
PP - Professional Paper
RI - Report of Investigation
SR - Special Report