Idaho Oil & Gas

The Oil and Gas Conservation Commission regulates the exploration, drilling, and production of oil and gas resources to ensure the conservation of oil and gas and the protection of surface and groundwater. The Idaho Department of Lands serves as the administrative arm of the Commission.
In 2013 the Governor and Idaho Legislature approved a bill to change the composition of the Idaho Oil and Gas Conservation Commission from the same five members of Idaho's Land Board to five individuals appointed by the Governor and approved by the Senate. 

Southwestern Idaho Gas Play

Currently, the gas wells in the southwestern Idaho gas play are not searchable via the IGS interactive maps. Click here to access Production Reports for wells in southwestern Idaho.

Historical Data

Information on oil and gas exploration wells drilled in Idaho from 1903-1988 was transferred to the Idaho Geological Survey in 2009.   Idaho Geological Survey has scanned the data to make all files available to the public in a digital format.
The Idaho Geological Survey maintains files on over one hundred fifty oil and gas wells in the state. These files include the reports and logs provided by companies to the Oil and Gas Commission from 1903-1988. Some files contain drilling service reports, geophysical logs, geologic logs, and lease maps. Most are one-of-a-kind documents, and many are in fragile condition. Available files are organized by IGS no., and can be found by searching our Google Maps application.  Please refer to IGS no. when inquiring about files.
The Idaho Geological Survey holds no cuttings or core.  Some wells in Idaho have cuttings or core that are stored at the Core Research Center (CRC) that was established in 1974 by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to preserve valuable rock cores and cuttings.
The Survey provides digital copies of scanned records in its Oil and Gas Files as free downloads. This information may be purchased as a DVD for $35.00, which includes the data and a processing charge.
How to order: Click Here 

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