Slope maps for Idaho Counties

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Theme: Slope, Slope maps of Idaho Counties
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Slope map data for Idaho counties derived from the National Elevation Dataset (NED) at 10 meters. Slope is useful for screening areas subject to various mass wasting processes. NED is the primary elevation data product produced and distributed by the USGS. The NED provides the best available public domain raster elevation data of the conterminous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and territorial islands in a seamless format.  The NED is derived from diverse source data, processed to a common coordinate system and unit of vertical measure.  All NED data are distributed in geographic coordinates in units of decimal degrees, and in conformance with the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD 83).  All elevation values are provided in units of meters, and are referenced to the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD 88) over the conterminous United States.  The vertical reference will vary in other areas.  NED data are available nationally at resolutions of 1 arc-second (approx. 30 meters) and 1/3 arc-second (approx. 10 meters), and in limited areas at 1/9 arc-second (approx. 3 meters). The NED is updated on a nominal two month cycle to integrate newly available, improved elevation source data.

Assist Idaho counties in mitigation of mass wasting hazards by developing and distributing slope data fs with a 10 meter resoloution.

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Elevation data used for Idaho county slope maps came from 10 meter NED data. The data obtained through The National Map Seamless Server is considered to be the "best available" data from the USGS. The range of dates for the NED 1-arc second data cover the inception date of the dataset to the date of the most recent update.  Historical data and other data may be obtained by contacting Customer Service, Earth Resources Observation & Science (EROS) Center at 1-800-252-4547.Spatial-specific information not available


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