Geologic map of Idaho, Fault layer. Clipped to Idaho counties


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Theme: Geologic Map of Idaho, geologic map, geology
Place: Idaho

This database contains faults presented on geoologic maps for all 44 of Idaho's counties. The database is derived from a new State Geologic Map of Idaho. Not all counties contain faults. The faults shown are inactive structures generally older than 2.6 million years. The maps are presented on basemaps showing shaded relief, major lakes and streams, major highways, and major populated areas. Sources of fault and other geologic data are given. Users can customize the presentation of the maps with the GIS data included in the database.

Fault layer for county geologic and hazard maps for use in hazard mitigation plans.

Supplementary Information
Geology compiled from more than 85 sources. Basement geology in central and north Idaho, compiled on Lambert conformal conic 1:500,000 base from 1976.   Surficial geology for the entire state and bedrock and basement geology south of the Snake River and in southeast Idaho, compiled on shaded relief base derived from 10 m NED data.
Google Earth software and 10 m NED data was used to place or update "active" (15,000 years or less) faults.


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