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Submission Requirements for Publication of a Thesis Geologic Map

When practical the Idaho Geological Survey will publish new geology, within the state of Idaho, from a Masters or PhD thesis as a print-on-demand Technical Report. Only maps containing new mapping from a completed thesis will be considered. See below for requirements, guidelines, and general suggestions.

bulletInform the Idaho Geological Survey ahead of time that a thesis map will be submitted for publication. Contact the Survey’s digital mapping lab: or call 208-885-7479 and talk with Loudon Stanford or Jane Freed
bulletThe more complete the map and the closer it follows the submission requirements, the sooner the map will be published.
bulletThe Idaho Geological Survey reserves the right to reject a submitted map if it is not complete and if the digital map is not in an acceptable format (see FORMAT below).
bulletThesis maps are processed as time allows.
bulletKeep maps as "tight" as possible. A geologic map is not a poster so keep fonts small and columns narrow (see below for guidelines). Maps will be printed on a plotter. The larger the map the more expensive it is to plot. No maps larger than 3 x 4 feet will be accepted. Leave a 1.25 inch margin on all sides of the map.
bulletLook at our maps as a guide. They can be found in PDF format at IGS map publications.
bulletSubmit one plate only unless special arrangements have been made.
bulletMaps and publications published by the Idaho Survey do not have a copyright.
bulletThe mapping data in the thesis map may eventually be used in a digital compilation and added to the Survey’s state-wide geologic map database. In this case all objects from the thesis map used in the compilation will be attributed with a source credit ID which will be linked to a reference lookup table.
bulletYou must include a full citation for the thesis.
bulletUpon publication each author will receive one copy of the completed map.
bulletGeologic map with basemap (drg or equivalent is fine)
bulletCorrelation chart
bulletMap unit descriptions
bulletFull thesis citation
bulletCredits including funding credit
bulletTitle with Authors, year
bulletMap symbols
bulletCross section(s)
bulletCharts, tables, photos as necessary
bulletStick with Arial, Helvetica, and New Times Roman.
bulletKeep font size down. For text in columns, 9 or 10pt is fine.
bulletColumns should be 3.5" to 4" wide for readability.
bulletStick to pastel colors and avoid bright colors except for small units (dikes etc.). Bright or dark colors are hard to look at and can interfere with the basemap. Please use this USGS color chart as a guide when selecting map unit colors.
Map Submission for Publication
bulletThe preferred format for submission is FreeHand or Adobe Illustrator.
bulletAn EPS format may be acceptable if it can be loaded into FreeHand or Illustrator and edited and printed.
bulletArcView or ArcMAP can generate an EPS export that can be brought into FreeHand or Illustrator for layout.
bulletUse previously released IGS map publications as a guide.
bulletThe Idaho Geological Survey reserves the right to reject a submitted map if it is not complete and if the digital map is not in an acceptable format.
GIS Formats

If the thesis map was digitized in a GIS, the Survey would appreciate receiving this data. Acceptable GIS/digital formats include ArcView, ArcInfo, ArcGIS (ArcMap), or AutoCAD. Simple (one page) metadata should be included.

bulletProcessing steps: how the map was georeferenced, digitized, and attributed
bulletProjection information: projection name, NAD, units, zone, etc.
bullet USGS color chart
bullet USGS, Resources for Digital Geologic Cartography
IGS map publications



If you need help, call or email Jane or Loudon and we will be happy to give advice: or call 208-885-7479.

Last Updated 11/15/2004


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