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Technical Reports (T)

Title: Geologic Map of the Inkom Quadrangle, Bannock County, Idaho

Author(s): Dave W.Rodgers
Sean P.Long
Nadine N.McQuarrie
William D.Burgel
Chad F.Hersley

Year: 2006

Price: $13.00—This price for map only.

Additional Pricing: $34.00—Price for cross sections (1 plate).

Publication ID: T-06-2

Scale: 1:24,000

Size: 36" x 36" -Size of largest plate in document

Please indicate preference for folded or rolled.

Print type: This colored map is printed once an order has been placed and is not stocked. Expected printing time is 3-4 business days.

Disclaimer: This Technical Report is a reproduction of independent mapping by D.W. Rodgers, S. P. Long, N. McQuarrie, W.D. Burgel, and C. F. Hersley of Idaho State University. Its content and format may not conform to agency standards.


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