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Technical Reports (T)

Title: Geologic Maps of the Moody, White Owl Butte, and Wright Creek Quadrangles, Madison and Teton Counties, Idaho

Author(s): Glenn F.Embree
Daniel K.Moore
William M.Phillips
Harold J.Prostka

Year: 2016

Price: $48.00—Price is for 16-page booklet and all plates including three geologic maps and cross sections.

Publication ID: T-16-2

Description: Includes three geologic maps: Moody, White Owl Butte and Wright Creek quadrangles. Plate 4 has cross sections for all maps. Also includes a 16-page booklet with unit descriptions, figures, and correlation chart for all maps.

Pages: 16

Scale: 1:24,000

Size: 24" x 36" (x 4)

Please indicate preference for folded or rolled.

Print type: This colored map is printed once an order has been placed and is not stocked. Expected printing time is 3-4 business days.

Disclaimer: This Technical Report is a reproduction of independent mapping. Its content, quality, and format may not conform to IGS standards.


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All Plates and Booklet PDF  Zip  26682 KB INFO
Booklet (for all quads) PDF  PDF  1839 KB  
Cross Section Sheet (Plate 4) PDF  PDF  2424 KB  
Moody (Plate1) PDF  PDF  5695 KB  
White Owl Butte (Plate 2) PDF  PDF  8167 KB  
Wright Creek (Plate 3) PDF  PDF  9337 KB