Table of Contents

Tectonic and Magmatic Evolution of the
Snake River Plain Volcanic Province

Idaho Geological Survey Bulletin 30
Edited by Bill Bonnichsen, Craig M. White, and Michael McCurry

Evolution and tectonicsChapter One: Evolution and Tectonics

Yellowstone Plume Head: Postulated Tectonic Relations to the Vancouver Slab, Continental Boundaries, and Climate, by Kenneth L. Pierce, Lisa A. Morgan, and Richard W. Saltus

Tracking the Western Margin of the North American Craton Beneath Southeastern Oregon: A Multidisciplinary Approach, by James G. Evans, Andrew Griscom, Phyllis F. Halvorson, and Michael L. Cummings

A Model for the Origin of the Western Snake River Plain As an Extensional Strike-slip Duplex, Idaho and Oregon, by Peter Hooper, Jenda Johnson, and Chris Hawkesworth

Geologic and Tectonic History of the Western Snake River Plain, Idaho and Oregon, by Spencer H. Wood and Drew M. Clemens

Detrital Zircon Evidence for Pleistocene Drainage Reversal at Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument, Central Snake River Plain, Idaho, by Paul Karl Link, H. Gregory McDonald, C. Mark Fanning, and Andrew E. Godfrey

Extension and Subsidence of the Eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho, by David W. Rodgers, H. Thomas Ore, Robert T. Bobo, Nadine McQuarrie, and Nick Zentner

Products of Rhyolite VolcanismChapter Two: Products of Rhyolite Volcanism

Bulk Major and Trace Element Evidence for a Time-Space Evolution of Snake River Plain Rhyolites, Idaho, by Scott S. Hughes and Michael McCurry

Petrology and Geochemistry of the Miocene Tuff of McMullen Creek, Central Snake River Plain, Idaho, by Karen E. Wright, Michael McCurry, and Scott S. Hughes

Transition From Ash-Flow to Voluminous Lava-Flow Activity, Bruneau-Jarbidge Eruptive Center, Southwestern Idaho, by William H. Hirt

The Juniper Mountain Volcanic Center, Owyhee County, Southwestern Idaho: Age Relations and Physical Volcanology, by Curtis R. Manley and William C. McIntosh

Products of Basaltic VolcanismChapter Three: Products of Basaltic Volcanism

Late Miocene, Pliocene, and Pleistocene Geology of Southwestern Idaho With Emphasis on Basalts in the Bruneau-Jarbidge, Twin Falls, and Western Snake River Plain Regions, by Bill Bonnichsen and Martha M. Godchaux

Temporal Controls on Basalt Genesis and Evolution on the Owyhee Plateau, Idaho and Oregon, by Kurt A. Shoemaker and William K. Hart

Geochemical and Sr-Isotopic Variations in Western Snake River Plain Basalts, Idaho, by Craig M. White, William K. Hart, Bill Bonnichsen, and Debra Matthews

Origin and Evolution of the Western Snake River Plain: Implications From Stratigraphy, Faulting, and the Geochemistry of Basalts Near Mountain Home, Idaho, by John W. Shervais, Gaurav Shroff, Scott K. Vetter, Scott Matthews, Barry B. Hanan, and James J. McGee

Evolution of Quaternary Tholeiitic Basalt Eruptive Centers on the Eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho, by Scott S. Hughes, Paul H. Wetmore, and Jason L. Casper

Syneruptive Magma-Water and Posteruptive Lava-Water Interactions in the Western Snake River Plain, Idaho, During the Past 12 Million Years, by Martha M. Godchaux and Bill Bonnichsen

Overview and Synthesis of Lithologic Controls on Aquifer Heterogeneity in the Eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho, by John A. Welhan, Chad M. Johannesen, Linda L. Davis, Kelly S. Reeves, and John A. Glover

Volcanic Hazards of the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, Southeast Idaho, by William R. Hackett, Richard P. Smith, and Soli Khericha


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