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Applicability of Mathematical Models of Ground-Water Flow Systems to Hydrogeochemical Exploration 1970

Effect of Industrial and Domestic Effluents on the Water Quality of the Coeur d'Alene River Basin 1971

Feasibility of Re-Use of Treated Wastewater for Irrigation, Fertilization, and Ground-Water Recharge in Idaho 1969

Glacial Geology of Stanley Basin 1961

Ground-Water Flow Systems and the Origin of Evaporite Deposits 1968

Hydrogeological Aspects of the Selection of Refuse Disposal Sites in Idaho 1970

LINEAR: A Computer Program for Manipulating Linear Data 1978

Settling Ponds as a Mining Wastewater Treatment Facility 1975

Society of Economic Geologists' Coeur d'Alene Field Conference, Idaho - 1977 1982

Sources and Causes of Acid Mine Drainage 1975

The Effects of Drain Wells on the Ground-Water Quality of the Snake River Plain 1970