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The following maps include at least a portion in Owyhee County. Any questions regarding the map should be directed to the sales office: -or- (208) 885-7991.

Antelope Creek
Antelope Spring
Austin Butte
Battle Creek Lakes
Bearpaw Mountain
Beaver Charlie Breaks
Bedstead Ridge
Big Bend Crossing
Big Horse Basin Gap
Big Springs Ranch
Big Table
Black Butte East
Black Butte West
Black Leg Creek
Blackstone Reservoir
Brace Flat
Brewster Reservoir
Broken Wagon Flat
Bruneau Dunes
Bull Basin Camp
Bull Camp Butte
Buster Butte
C J Strike Dam
Captain Butte
Castle Butte
Castleford Butte
Castro Table
Caudle Creek
Cave Draw
Chalk Hills
Cinnabar Mountain
Clover Butte North
Clover Butte South
Clover Mountain
Combination Ridge
Coonskin Butte
Coonskin Butte NE
Cowan Reservoir
Coyote Hole
Crab Spring Butte
Crater Rings SW
Crowbar Gulch
Crows Nest
Crows Nest Butte
Crows Nest NE
Curtis Draw
De Lamar
Deacon Crossing
Defeat Butte
Dickshooter Reservoir
Dickshooter Ridge
Dorsey Butte
Elk Mountain
Flying H Ranch
Four Corners
Frying Pan Basin
Givens Hot Springs
Grand View
Grasmere Reservoir
Grassy Hills
Grassy Ridge
Graveyard Point
Grindstone Butte
Groundhog Reservoir
Hat Peak
Hicks Mountain
Hill Pasture
Hodge Station
Hole In Rock
Hooker Creek
Horse Butte
Hot Spring
Hurry Up Creek
Indian Butte
Indian Cove
Indian Hay Meadows
Indian Hot Springs
Indian Meadows
Initial Point
Inside Lakes
Jackass Butte
Jarbridge North
Jarvis Pasture
Jordan Valley
Jump Creek Canyon
Juniper Basin
Juniper Basin SE
Juniper Butte
Juniper Point
Juniper Ranch
Little Blue Table
Little Valley
Lost Valley
Mosquito Lake Butte
Mountain View Lake
Murphy Hot Springs
Nadine Butte
Nichol Flat
Notch Butte
O X Lake
Opalene Gulch
Parsnip Peak
Pence Butte
Piute Basin East
Piute Basin West
Piute Butte
Pixley Basin
Pleasant Valley
Poison Butte
Pole Creek Top
Pot Hole Butte
Pot Hole Canyon
Purjue Canyon
Red Basin
Robinson Creek
Rooster Comb Peak
Ross Lake
Rough Mountain
Rough Mountain NE
Rubber Hill
Salls Crossing
Shoofly Springs
Silver City
Sinker Butte
Sinker Canyon
Slack Mountain
Smith Creek
Snow Creek
Soldier Cap
Spring Creek Basin
Star Valley
Star Valley Knoll
Star Valley Ridge East
Star Valley Ridge West
State Line Camp
Stiff Tree Draw
Stonehouse Creek
Sugar Valley
Swisher Mountain
Table Butte
The Arch
The Point
Three Creek
Three Forks
Toy Pass
Triangle Flat
Triangle Reservoir
Triguero Lake
Triplet Butte
Turner Table
Twentymile Butte
Vinson Wash
Wagon Box Basin
Walters Butte
Wickahoney Crossing
Wickahoney Point
Wickiup Creek
Wild Horse Butte
Williams Creek
Wilson Peak
Winter Camp
Winter Ridge