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Today is 12/21/2014

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Digital Web Maps (DWM)(DWM-172) Southwestern Idaho Natural Gas Play 12/15/2014

Miscellaneous Reports (MISC)(MISC-18) Hells Canyon to the Bitterroot Front: A Transect from the Accretionary Margin Eastward Across the Idaho Batholith 11/17/2014

Miscellaneous Maps and Poster (MMP)(MMP-6) Idaho Geology postcard 11/13/2014

Staff Reports (S)(S-14-1) Mapping the Deluge: Sandpoint to Cabinet Gorge Dam, Idaho 8/15/2014

Staff Reports (S)(S-14-2) Geological Society of the Oregon Country: Lewiston Basin Field Trip 8/15/2014

Staff Reports (S)(S-14-3) Geologic Guide of the Hoodoo Valley Area 8/15/2014

Staff Reports (S)(S-14-4) Site Inspection Report for the Abandoned and Inactive Mines in Idaho on U.S. Forest Service Lands, Region 4 8/15/2014

Technical Reports (T)(T-14-1) Lithologic Characterization of Active ITD Aggregate Sources and Implications for Aggregate Quality 4/21/2014