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Bulletins (B)
B-1 The Copper Deposits of the Seven Devils and Adjacent Districts (Including Heath, Hornet Creek, Hoodoo and Deer Creek), 1920

B-2 A Preliminary Report on the Clays of Idaho, 1920

B-3 A Reconnaissance in South Central Idaho Embracing the Thunder Mountain, Big Creek, Stanley Basin, Sheep Mountain, and Seafoam Districts, 1920

B-4 Petroleum Possibilities of Certain Anticlines in Southeastern Idaho, 1922

B-5 Geology and Ore Deposits of Alturas Quadrangle, Blaine County, Idaho, 1922

B-6 Geology and Water Resources of the Goose Creek Basin, Cassia County, Idaho, 1923

B-7 Geology and Gold Resources of North Central Idaho, 1924

B-8 Geology and Oil Possibilities of Bingham, Bonneville, and Caribou Counties, Idaho, 1924

B-9 Geology and Gold Resources of Boise Basin, Boise County, Idaho, 1924

B-10 Geology and Ore Deposits of Boundary County, Idaho, 1926

B-11 Geology and Metalliferous Resources of the Region About Silver City, Idaho, 1926

B-12 Geology and Ore Deposits of the Clark Fork District, Idaho, 1930

B-13 Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho, 1928

B-14 Geology and Mineral Resources of Eastern Cassia County, Idaho, 1931

B-15 Outline of the Geology of Idaho, 1958

B-16 Guidebook to the Geology of the Coeur d'Alene Mining District, 1961

B-17 Economic Geology of Central Idaho Blacksand Placers, 1961

B-18 Idaho's Mineral Industry - The First Hundred Years, 1961

B-19 Rush to Idaho, 1961

B-20 Prospecting and Developing a Small Mine, 1961

B-21 Timbering and Support of Underground Workings for Small Mines, 1962

B-22 Gold Camps & Silver Cities: Nineteenth Century Mining in Central and Southern Idaho, 1983

B-23 Distribution and Economic Potential of Idaho Carbonate Rocks, 1969

B-24 Society of Economic Geologists' Coeur d'Alene Field Conference, Idaho - 1977, 1982

B-25 Geology of the Harpster Area, Idaho County, Idaho, 1982

B-26 Cenozoic Geology of Idaho, 1982

B-27 Guidebook to the Geology of Central and Southern Idaho, 1988

B-28 Guidebook to the Geology of Northern and Western Idaho and Surrounding Area, 1989

B-29 Geology and Geomorphology of the Boise Valley and Adjoining Areas, Western Snake River Plain, Idaho, 1994

B-30 Tectonic and Magmatic Evolution of the Snake River Plain Volcanic Province, 2002