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Mineral Resource Reports (MR)
The Mineral Resources Report series discuss specific mineral resource topics within the state from 1945-1970.
MR-1 Coal in Idaho, 1945

MR-2 Sulphur in Idaho, 1945

MR-3 Beneficiation of Idaho Phosphate Rock, 1947

MR-4 Diatomite Deposits of Southwestern Idaho, 1947

MR-5 Distribution of Heavy Alluvial Minerals in Idaho, 1948

MR-6 Pumice and Perlite in Idaho, 1950

MR-7 Uranium and Thorium-Bearing Minerals in Placer Deposits in Idaho, 1957

MR-8 Radioactive Minerals in Idaho, 1957

MR-9 The Oneida Perlite Deposit, 1962

MR-10 Economic Geology of Carbonate Rocks Adjacent to the Snake River South of Lewiston, Idaho, 1965

MR-11 Mineralogy of the Lemhi Pass Thorium and Rare-Earth Deposits, 1970