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Miscellaneous Reports (MISC)
MISC-0 Mineral and Water Resources of Idaho, 1964

MISC-1 Belt Symposium, Volume I, 1973

MISC-2 Belt Symposium, Volume II, 1973

MISC-6 Geologic Guidebook to the Belt-Purcell Supergroup, Glacier National Park and Vicinity, Montana and Adjacent Canada, 1997

MISC-7 Geology and Ore Deposits of the Trans-Challis Fault System/Great Falls Tectonic Zone, 1990

MISC-8 Glacial Lake Missoula and the Channeled Scabland, 1989

MISC-9 Industrial Minerals in the Basin and Range Region - Workshop Proceedings, 1992

MISC-10 Snake River Plain-Yellowstone Volcanic Province, 1989

MISC-11 Guidebook to the Geology of Eastern Idaho, 1999

MISC-12 Geothermal Resources of Idaho, 1994

MISC-13 Northwest Geology, Volume 30: Out of the Flood and Into the Panhandle -- Northern Idaho Geology, 2001

MISC-15 Northwest Geology, Volume 32, 2003

MISC-17 Principal Deposits of Industrial Minerals in Idaho (excluding phosphate), 1991

MISC-18 Hells Canyon to the Bitterroot Front: A Transect from the Accretionary Margin Eastward Across the Idaho Batholith, 2014

MISC-19 Mesozoic Tectonics West of the Accretionary Boundary in West-Central Idaho: A Road Log Along U.S. Highway 95 Between Moscow and New Meadows, Idaho, 2016

MISC-20 Geology of the Wallowa Terrane, Blue Mountains Province, in the Northern Part of Hells Canyon, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon, 2016