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Pamphlets (P)
The Pamphlet series are historical documents from 1920-1977 that discuss a variety of geologic topics.
P-1 Interfacial Tension Measurements and Some Applications to Flotation, 1921

P-2 Size of Mineral Particle in Relation to Flotation Concentration, 1921

P-3 Testing Ores for Flotation, 1921

P-4 Differential Flotation, 1921

P-5 A Preliminary Reconnaissance of the Gas and Oil Possibilities of Southwestern and South-Central Idaho, 1923

P-6 A Preliminary Study of Certain Reported Platinum Occurrences Near Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, 1925

P-7 Notes on the Geology of Eastern Bear Lake County, Idaho, With Reference to Oil Possibilities, 1923

P-8 Ground Water Supply at Moscow, Idaho, 1923

P-9 Ground Water in Pahsimeroi Valley, Idaho, 1924

P-10 The Horseshoe Basin Area of the Teton Coal Field in Southeastern Idaho, 1924

P-11 Geology and Water Resources of the Bruneau River Basin, Owyhee County, Idaho, [1924]

P-12 Possibilities of Petroleum in Power and Oneida Counties, Idaho, 1924

P-13 A Geologic Reconnaissance of the Mineral and Cuddy Mountain Mining District, Washington and Adams Counties, Idaho, [1925]

P-14 Mica Deposits of Latah County, Idaho, [1925]

P-15 Ground Water for Irrigation on Camas Prairie, Camas and Elmore Counties, Idaho, [1925]

P-16 Ground Water for Municipal Supply at Idaho Falls, Idaho, 1926

P-17 Ground Water for Municipal Supply at St. Maries, Idaho, 1926

P-18 Some Miocene and Pleistocene Drainage Changes in Northern Idaho, 1927

P-19 A Geologic Reconnaissance of Clark and Jefferson and Parts of Butte, Custer, Fremont, Lemhi, and Madison Counties, Idaho, 1927

P-20 A Disseminated Lead Prospect in Northern Boise County, Idaho, 1926

P-21 The Vienna District, Blaine County, Idaho, 1927

P-22 The Geology and Ore Deposits of the South Mountain Mining District, Owyhee County, Idaho, 1927

P-23 Ground Water for Municipal Supply at Potlatch, Idaho, 1927

P-24 Underground Water Resources in the Vicinity of Orofino, Idaho and of Lapwai, Idaho, 1927

P-25 Ore Deposits in Tertiary Lava in the Salmon River Mountains, Idaho, 1927

P-26 Geology and Ore Deposits of the Rocky Bar Quadrangle, 1928

P-27 Geology and Ore Deposits of the Birch Creek District, Idaho, 1928

P-28 Portland Cement Materials Near Pocatello, Idaho, 1928

P-29 Brief Papers on Geologic Field Work in Idaho During 1927, 1928

P-30 A Geological Reconnaissance in the St. Maries Region, Idaho, 1928

P-31 Geology and Silver Ore Deposits of the Pend Oreille District, Idaho, 1928

P-32 Geology and Ore Deposits of the Lava Creek District, Idaho, 1929

P-33 Geology and Ore Deposits of the Seafoam, Alder Creek, Little Smoky and Willow Creek Mining Districts, Custer and Camas Counties, Idaho, 1930

P-34 The Geology and Mineral Resources of the Region About Orofino, Idaho, 1930

P-35 Elementary Methods of Placer Mining, 1931

P-36 Prospecting for Gold Ores, 1932

P-37 The Recovery of Gold From Its Ores, 1932

P-38 Biennial Report on the Activities of the Bureau, 1932

P-39 The Dome Mining District, Butte County, Idaho, 1933

P-40 Gold-Bearing Gravel of the Nezperce National Forest, Idaho County, Idaho, 1934

P-41 Geology of the Pearl-Horseshoe Bend Gold Belt, Idaho, 1934

P-42 Application of the Diesel Engine to Small Mines, 1935

P-43 A Preliminary Report on the Geology and Ore Deposits of the Eastern Part of the Yellow Pine District, Idaho, 1935

P-44 Geology and Ore Deposits Near Edwardsburg and Thunder Mountain, Idaho, 1936

P-45 Geology and Ore Deposits of the Warren Mining District, Idaho County, Idaho, 1937

P-46 Geology and Ore Deposits of the Florence Mining District, Idaho County, Idaho, 1939

P-47 Geology and Ore Deposits Near Murray, Idaho, 1938

P-48 The Dixie Placer District With Notes on the Lode Mines, 1939

P-49 Geology and Ore Deposits of the Atlanta District, Elmore County, Idaho, 1939

P-50 The Silver Belt of the Coeur d'Alene District, Idaho, 1939

P-51 A Metallurgical Study of Idaho Placer Sand, 1939

P-52 Gold Placers of the Secesh Basin, Idaho County, Idaho, 1940

P-53 Geology and Metalliferous Deposits of Kootenai County, Idaho, 1940

P-54 Mining Activity in the North Fork of the Clearwater River Area, 1940

P-55 Geology of the Idaho Almaden Quicksilver Mine Near Weiser, Idaho, 1941

P-56 Faulting in Western Idaho and Its Relation to the High Placer Deposits, 1941

P-57 The Metal and Coal Mining Districts of Idaho, With Notes on the Nonmetallic Mineral Resources of the State, 1941

P-58 Mica and Beryl Occurrence in Eastern Latah County, 1942

P-59 A Sillimanite Deposit Near Troy, Latah County, Idaho, 1942

P-60 Copper Mineralization Near Salmon, Lemhi County, Idaho, 1943

P-61 A Preliminary Report on the Cobalt Deposits of the Blackbird District, Lemhi County, Idaho, 1943

P-62 The Antimony and Fluorspar Deposits Near Meyers Cove, Lemhi County, Idaho, 1943

P-63 Flotation Tests on Fluorite Ore From Lemhi County, Idaho, 1943

P-64 The Aerating Capacity of Flotation Machines, 1943

P-65 Geology of the Gold-Bearing Lodes of the Rocky Bar District, Elmore County, Idaho, 1943

P-66 Beneficiation Tests on Latah County Clays, 1943

P-67 Some Physical Factors Affecting Flotation Machine Performance, 1944

P-68 Gold in Idaho, 1946

P-69 The Size, Number and Mineral-Carrying Efficacy of Bubbles in Flotation, 1944

P-70 Lead-Zinc-Copper Deposits of the Birch Creek District, Clark and Lemhi Counties, Idaho, 1944

P-71 Brine Leaching Test on Oxidized Ores of Lead, 1944

P-72 Fine Gold of Snake River and Lower Salmon River, Idaho, 1945

P-73 Lead-Zinc Mineralization in the Moyie Yaak District Near Bonners Ferry, Boundary County, 1945

P-74 A Geological Reconnaissance Between the Snake and Salmon Rivers North of Riggins, Idaho, 1945

P-75 A Geological Reconnaissance in the Little Wood River (Muldoon) District, Blaine County, Idaho, 1946

P-76 A Geological Reconnaissance of the Hailey Gold Belt (Camas District), Blaine County, Idaho, 1946

P-77 Beneficiation Tests on Gypsum Rock From Washington County, Idaho, 1947

P-78 Metallurgical Tests on Manganese Bearing Sands of Payette County, Idaho, 1947

P-79 Reaction Rates in the Acidulation of Idaho Phosphate Rock With Sulfuric Acid, 1948

P-80 Reconnaissance Survey of the Geology and Ore Deposits of the Southwestern Portion of Lemhi Range, Idaho, 1948

P-81 Beneficiation Tests on Ore From the Sun Valley Barite Mine, Blaine County, Idaho, 1948

P-82 The Geology of Part of the South Slope of the St. Joe Mountains, Shoshone County, Idaho, 1949

P-83 Silver-Gold Deposits of the Yankee-Fork District, Custer County, Idaho, 1949

P-84 Mineral and Beneficiation by Gravity Concentration, A Fundamental Study, 1949

P-85 Descriptions of Some Ore Deposits and Their Relationships to the Purcell Sills, Boundary County, Idaho, 1951

P-86 Microscopic Studies on Mill Products From the Pine Creek Area, Yreka Mining District, Idaho, 1949

P-87 Preliminary Investigation of Concentrating Certain Minerals in Idaho Placer Sand, 1949

P-88 The Geology and Ore Deposits of the Boulder Creek Mining District, Custer County, Idaho, 1949

P-89 Studies on the Production of Antimony Oxides, 1949

P-90 Detailed Geology of Certain Areas in the Mineral Hill and Warm Springs Mining Districts, Blaine County, Idaho, 1950

P-91 A Reconnaissance of Some Idaho Feldspar Deposits, With a Note on the Occurrence of Columbite and Samarskite, 1951

P-92 The Geology and Coal of the Horseshoe Creek District, Teton County, Idaho, 1951

P-93 A Report on Gypsum Deposits in Washington County, Idaho, 1952

P-94 Gold-Copper-Lead Deposits of the Yellowjacket District, Lemhi County, Idaho, 1953

P-95 Reconnaissance Geology and Ore Deposits of the Mineral District, Washington County, Idaho, 1952

P-96 The Geology and Ore Deposits of the Seafoam Mining District, Custer County, Idaho, 1953

P-97 Mining Geology of the Seven Devils Region, 1954

P-98 Fluorspar Deposits Near Meyers Cove, Lemhi County, Idaho, 1954

P-99 Monazite Deposits in Calcareous Rocks, Northern Lemhi County, Idaho, 1954

P-100 The Geology of Kyanite and Andalusite Deposits, Goat Mountain, Idaho and Preliminary Beneficiation Tests on the Ore, 1954

P-101 A Preliminary Report on the Fluorspar Mineralization Near Challis, Custer County, 1954

P-102 Prospecting for Uranium, Thorium, and Tungsten in Idaho, 1955

P-103 A Survey of Ground Water of the State of Idaho, 1955

P-104 Flotation Tests on An Oxidized Lead-Zinc Ore From the Coeur d'Alene District, Idaho, 1955

P-105 A Survey of the Mineral Resources of Idaho, 1955

P-106 Geology and Mineral Resources of the Salmon Quadrangle, 1956

P-107 Geology of the Southeast Portion of the Preston Quadrangle, Idaho, 1956

P-108 Tungsten Deposits of South-Central Idaho, 1956

P-109 Clay Deposits of North Idaho, 1956

P-110 Geological Reconnaissance of the Cassia Mountain Region, Twin Falls and Cassia Counties, Idaho, 1956

P-111 Economic Evaluation of Phosphate and Other Minerals in Southern Idaho, 1956

P-112 Geology and Mineral Resources of the Baker Quadrangle, Lemhi County, Idaho, 1957

P-113 Reconnaissance Geology of the Leesburg Quadrangle, Lemhi County, Idaho, 1957

P-114 Petrography, Mineralogy, and Origin of Phosphate Pellets in the Phosphoria Formation, 1958

P-115 Uranium, Thorium, Columbium, and Rare Earth Deposits in the Salmon Region, Lemhi County, Idaho, 1958

P-116 Gold-Bearing Gravels Near Murray, Idaho, 1958

P-117 Geology of the Uranium Deposits Near Stanley, Custer County, Idaho, 1959

P-118 Geology and Mineral Resources of the North Fork Quadrangle, Lemhi County, Idaho, 1959

P-119 Annotated Bibliography of Papers Related to the Geology of Idaho, 1941-1957, 1959

P-120 Reconnaissance Geology of the Elk City Region, Idaho, 1959

P-121 Placer Deposits of the Elk City Region, 1960

P-122 Study of Two Idaho Thorite Deposits, 1960

P-123 Glacial Geology of Stanley Basin, 1961

P-124 Geology and Mineral Resources of the Lemhi Quadrangle, Lemhi County, 1961

P-125 Stratified Rocks in South-Central Idaho, 1962

P-126 Geology and Ore Deposits of the Stanley Area, 1962

P-127 Engineering Geology of the Cartwright Canyon Quadrangle, 1962

P-128 Geology of the Clearwater Embayment, 1963

P-129 Reconnaissance Geology of the Sawtooth Range, 1963

P-130 Geology Along U.S. Highway 93 in Idaho, 1963

P-131 Mining History of South-Central Idaho, 1963

P-132 Gravity Anomalies in Idaho, 1963

P-133 The Coeur d'Alene Mining District in 1963, 1963

P-134 Geologic History of Pend Oreille Lake Region in North Idaho, 1965

P-135 Volcanic Construction Materials in Idaho, 1965

P-136 Geology of the Oxbow on Snake River Near Homestead, Oregon, 1966

P-137 Interpretation of Short Term Water Fluctuations in the Moscow Basin, Latah County, Idaho, 1966

P-138 Geology and Mineral Resources of a Portion of the Silver City Region, Owyhee County, Idaho, 1968

P-139 Idaho's Minerals Industry - A Flow-of-Product Analysis, 1968

P-140 Stratigraphy and Distribution of Basalt, Benewah County, Idaho, 1969

P-141 Ground-Water Flow Systems and the Origin of Evaporite Deposits, 1968

P-142 Bedrock Geology of the Pioneer Mountains, Blaine and Custer Counties, Central Idaho, 1969

P-143 Feasibility of Re-Use of Treated Wastewater for Irrigation, Fertilization, and Ground-Water Recharge in Idaho, 1969

P-144 Applicability of Mathematical Models of Ground-Water Flow Systems to Hydrogeochemical Exploration, 1970

P-145 Hydrogeological Aspects of the Selection of Refuse Disposal Sites in Idaho, 1970

P-146 Geology and Geochemical Exploration of the Vienna District, Blaine and Camas Counties, Idaho, 1971

P-147 Evaluation of Minerals and Mineral Potential of the Salmon River Drainage Basin in Idaho, 1970

P-148 The Effects of Drain Wells on the Ground-Water Quality of the Snake River Plain, 1970

P-149 Effect of Industrial and Domestic Effluents on the Water Quality of the Coeur d'Alene River Basin, 1971

P-150 Geothermal Potential of Idaho, 1971

P-151 Cenozoic Geology of the Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed, Owyhee County, Idaho, 1972

P-152 Community Perception in the Coeur d'Alene Mining District, 1972

P-153 Moscow Basin Ground Water Studies, 1972

P-154 Reconnaissance Geology of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area, 1973

P-155 Trends in the Phosphate Industry of Idaho and the Western Phosphate Field, 1973

P-156 Geology and Mineral Resources of the Lakeview Mining District, Idaho, 1974

P-157 Air Photography and Satellite Image Interpretation for Linears mapping and Geologic Evaluation, 1974

P-158 Analysis of the Impact of Legal Constraints on Ground-Water Resource Development in Idaho, 1974

P-159 A Preliminary Evaluation of Ground Water in Upper Dry Valley and Little Long Valley, Caribou County, Idaho, 1975

P-160 Geologic Field Guide to the Quaternary Volcanics of the South-Central Snake River Plain, Idaho, 1975

P-161 Geology and Ore Deposits of the Silver City-DeLamar-Flint Region, Owyhee County, Idaho, 1975

P-162 Reconnaissance Geology and Geochemistry of the Silver City-South Mountain Region, Owyhee County, Idaho, 1975

P-163 Reconnaissance Geology and Geochemistry of the Mt. Pend Oreille Quadrangle and Surrounding Areas, 1975

P-164 Settling Ponds as a Mining Wastewater Treatment Facility, 1975

P-165 Sources and Causes of Acid Mine Drainage, 1975

P-166 Reconnaissance Geology and Geochemistry of the South Mountain-Juniper Mountain Region, Owyhee County, Idaho, 1976

P-167 Reconnaissance Geology and Geochemistry of the Blackbird Mountain-Panther Creek Region, Lemhi County, Idaho, 1977