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Digital Databases (DD)

Title: County Geology and Hazard Maps of Idaho

Author(s): William M. Phillips

Year: 2011

Price: $0.00

This dataset consists of geologic maps with unit descriptions and explanations, slope maps, and seismic hazard maps for each of Idaho’s 44 counties. All maps can viewed in PDF format. GIS data and metadata for the maps are provided in ESRI ArcMap format, version 9.3. All PDF files can be downloaded individually.

Publication ID: DD-4

Data Version: 6.2011.1

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Disclaimer: The PDF and data files for this dataset are large. Please take notice of file size before deciding to download.


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Download File/Data
County ReadMe PDF  PDF  62 KB  
Geologic Maps: Ada-Fremont PDF  PDF  53115 KB INFO
Geologic Maps: Gem-Wa. PDF  PDF  50689 KB INFO
Geology Index PDF  PDF  428 KB INFO
GIS Data Several  Zip  81324 KB INFO
Metadata   Link  KB INFO
Seismic Maps-1Hz PDF  PDF  78938 KB INFO
Seismic Maps-5Hz PDF  PDF  69087 KB INFO
Slope GIS Data Geotif Images  Link  KB INFO
Slope Maps: Ada-Fremont PDF  PDF  64293 KB INFO
Slope Maps: Gem-Wa. PDF  PDF  55608 KB INFO