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Digital Databases (DD)

Title: Database of the Mines and Prospects of Idaho (version 1.2016.1)

Author(s): Christopher A. Tate
Victoria E. Mitchell
Ruth E. Vance
Earl H. Bennett
B. Benjamin E. Studer
Loudon R. Stanford
Jesse A. Hinshaw

Year: 2005 (updated 2011, 2015, 2016)

Price: $0.00—Free download and metadata

Additional Pricing: $45.00—Flash Drive option available

Description: This version updated 2016. Compiled by Christopher A. Tate, Victoria E. Mitchell, Ruth E. Vance, Earl H. Bennett, B. Benjamin E. Studer, Loudon R. Stanford, and Jesse A. Hinshaw. 1990-2016 This inventory of the state’s historic mining activity and production up to the recent present contains information from many sources on over 8,800 mining properties. The geodatabase format is Microsoft Access 2000®. An ESRI shapefile of mine locations is included in this version. Downloaded here as a WinZip® file (8.6 MB). Version 1.2016.1.

Publication ID: DD-1

Data Version: 1.2016.1


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