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Digital Analytical Data (DAD)

Title: Major Oxide and Trace Element Analyses for Igneous Rock Samples From Northern Idaho and Northeastern Washington

Author(s): Reed S. Lewis
David M. Miller
Fred K. Miller

Year: 2009

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Description: The file presents whole-rock chemistry, locations, and lithology of 299 igneous and metamorphic rock samples collected from 1967 through 1994. Most samples are from Cretaceous and Eocene plutonic rocks. All were collected by Fred K. Miller, David M. Miller, and Padhrig T. McCarthy of the U.S. Geological Survey but were previously unpublished. Some of the earlier samples were later re-analyzed using more advanced equipment; only these second analyses are reported here. Data are compiled in an Excel spreadsheet, version 9.0.x, and released as a WinZip file. Available only as a download. A metadata file is included in Acrobat Reader® (PDF) format.

Publication ID: DAD-5


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