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Staff Reports (S)

Title: Site Inspection Report for the Abandoned and Inactive Mines in Idaho on U.S. Forest Service Lands, Region 4

Author(s): Victoria E. Mitchell
Earl H. Bennett

Year: 2014

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Description: This report was prepared as part of a project to identify, characterize, and describe abandoned or inactive mines (AIMs) with significant environmental or physical hazards on lands administered by Region IV of the U.S. Forest Service (USFS). Seven National Forests (Boise, Caribou, Challis, Payette, Salmon, Sawtooth, and Targhee) and the Sawtooth National Recreation Area were included in the study. Mines in these areas are, or have been, major producers of gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, tungsten, antimony, and molybdenum. Fluorite and uranium resources are also important in some areas. The original report was provided to the USFS in 1995 under Cooperative Agreement #1104510892011. The 2014 version is for distribution to the general public and differs only in formatting. Each of the National Forest reports are available here as a zip file.

Pages: 2321

Publication ID: S-14-4


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