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Professional Papers (PP)

PP-1020. Ordovician and Silurian Graptolite Succession in the Trail Creek Area, Central Idaho - A Graptolite Zone Reference Section, Claire Carter, Michael Churkin Jr., 1977, 37 p., 7 plate(s), $3.75.

PP-1408-F. Hydrology and Digital Simulation of the Regional Aquifer System, Eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho, S.P. Garabedian, 1992, 102 p., 10 plate(s), 10 oversize sheet(s), $12.00.
PP-1408-G. Geohydrology of the Regional Aquifer System, Western Snake River Plain, Southwestern Idaho, Garth D. Newton, 1991, 52 p., 1 plate(s), 1 oversize sheet(s), $5.50.
PP-1525. Geology and Mineral Resource Assessment of the Challis 1° x 2° Quadrangle, Idaho, Edited by Frederick S. Fisher, Kathleen M. Johnson, 1995, 203 p., 24 plate(s), 24 oversize sheet(s), $34.00.
PP-1604. Hydrologic Classification and Estimation of Basin and Hydrologic Characteristics of Subbasins in Central Idaho, Stephen W. Lipscomb, 1998, 49 p., 1 plate(s), 1 oversize sheet(s), $18.00.
PP-294-L. Brachipod Fauna of Saturday Morning Formation, Southern Lemhi Range, Idaho, Reuben J. Ross Jr., 1959, 20 p., 3 plate(s), $1.75.
PP-344-E. Belt Series in the Region Around Snow Peak and Mallard Peak, Idaho, Anna Hietanen, 1968, 34 p., 2 plate(s), 2 oversize sheet(s), $2.50.
PP-483-D. Upper Jurassic Mollusks from Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho, Ralph W. Imlay, 1964, 21 p., 4 plate(s), $1.75.
PP-644-F. History of Snake River Canyon Indicated by Revised Stratigraphy of Snake River Group Near Hagerman and King Hill, Idaho, Allan Cox, 1971, 21 p., $1.75.
PP-646-D. Geologic Implications of Aeromagnetic Data in the Pend Orielle Area, Idaho and Montana, Elizabeth R. King, Jack E. Harrison, Allan B. Griggs, 1970, 17 p., 1 oversize sheet(s), $3.00.
PP-646-E. Gravity and Magnetic Anomalies in the Soda Springs Region, Southeastern Idaho, Don R. Mabey, Steven S. Oriel, 1970, 15 p., 2 plate(s), 2 oversize sheet(s), $3.00.
PP-870-A. The Channels and Waters of the Upper Salmon River Area, Idaho, William W. Emmett, 1975, 116 p., $7.50.
PP-889. Precambrian and Lower Ordovician Rocks in East-Central Idaho, Edward T. Ruppel, Reuen J. Ross, Jr., David Schleicher, 1975, 34 p., $2.00.