My Aquifer > Groundwater in the LPRV > Is the water safe to drink and what is being done to ensure safe water in the future?


Most definitely, Pocatello's and Chubbuck's water is safe to drink. By law, public water supplies are required to ensure that the water they provide is safe. This includes expenditures for constructing wells and water mains that are safe from external contamination; chlorination to destroy bacterial pathogens; regular and stringent water quality testing to monitor for unsafe conditions; and rapid response should a well's supply become contaminated.

Action in response to a contamination incident may include re-testing to verify the accuracy of test results, shutting the well down, installing a treatment system to purify water, or switching to an alternate water supply (bottled water, new wells, other sources).

The cities of Pocatello and Chubbuck are now required by federal and state law to assemble and distribute annual reports of the quality and safety of their water supplies, in the form of consumer confidence reports.

In addition to the above measures, water managers in these cities have been actively involved in studies to determine whether more effective protective measures can be implemented to reduce future risk of ground water contamination and to maintain or improve current water quality.