My Aquifer > For Private Well Owners > What should I do if a sample results in an unsafe test?


  1. Resample. A second sample must be taken to confirm your first unsafe result. Be sure to use the proper sampling procedure in taking the sample because it will help you determine if your original unsafe sample was due to human error in sampling.

  2. If the second sample results are unsafe, do not consume the water unless it is boiled at a rolling boil for at least 5 minutes.

  3. Replace any old, poorly-sealed well caps with a properly-fitting vermin-proof cap.

  4. If you can find no obvious sources of well contamination, your water system should be disinfected by a qualified individual (well driller, pump installer or owner).

If disinfection is unsuccessful or there is no obvious cause of the well contamination, contact your local well driller, pump installer or the Southeast Idaho Health District: