LPRV Aquifer Management: Introduction

This map shows the generalized service areas within the City of Pocatello. The heavy black line marks the approximate boundary of the aquifer.

The municipal water supply system extracts ground water from a number of wells scattered throughout the valley floor, and distributes the water via a maze of water mains. The area in which you reside in the city, determines from what wells and hence what part of

the aquifer the water in your faucet comes from. The most important wells servicing each area are indicated.

In some areas - primarily those in the city center, on the valley floor (such as the University / Old town and Alameda areas - water is pumped directly from supply wells to homes. In other areas, water is pumped to storage tanks on the east and west benches, and from there is fed by gravity to homes and users, below.

For more information about Pocatello's water service system, CLICK HERE.

The map shown is for summer use patterns, when almost all municipal wells are pumping. In winter, when demand drops substantially, the pattern changes slightly according to which wells are turned off.