About Pocatello's Water Service Areas

In those areas where Pocatello's wells pump directly into the water distribution system, pressure is monitored and maintained by pressure sensors at each well. As pressure drops below the low end of the operating range the pump turns on. When the pressure in the system reaches the high end of the operating range the pump shuts off. As water is used, the pressure drops and the cycle repeats.

The bench areas are serviced differently. Booster pumps draw water from the water system on the valley floor and pump it to storage tanks at higher locations. The water is then distributed to lower elevations served by the reservoir.

Since water from individual wells is pumped into a common distribution system, some mixing can and does occur. For this reason it is difficult to determine exactly which wells supply each area in the city. Generally, the closer you live to a particular well or storage tank, the greater the likelihood that most of your water comes from that source. However, the situation can vary between summer and winter months. During summer, almost all wells are operating to service higher demand; in winter, demand declines and only enough wells operate to meet demand.

The map was created for summertime conditions, with all wells operating. It is intended to give a general indication of which wells you would expect to obtain your water from. Because of the proximity of a number of wells, they have been grouped into service areas. If you live in an area of overlap between service areas, you could expect to receive a mixture of water from wells in adjacent service areas. The most important wells in each service area are indicated on the map.