LPRV Aquifer Management: Physical Hydrology

Because of the relatively small amount of recharge originating from the upper watersheds, the lower Portneuf Valley watershed must be one of the principal sources of recharge to the aquifer. In the following section, we'll look briefly at the watersheds which supply the aquifer with recharge, its hydrologic uniqueness, and the best available estimates of the aquifer's ability to meet future demand - its water supply capacity.

As shown in this figure, the largest amounts of mean annual precipitation (indicated by the light blue contours) are located over the Bannock Range from Kinport Peak to Scout Mountain. Of the sub-watersheds within the lower Portneuf Valley watershed, Mink Creek's and Gibson Jack's are the largest and probably the most important sources of recharge to the aquifer. Very little water appears to originate east and north of the aquifer.