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This map shows the generalized water service areas in the Chubbuck service district during the summer months. Wells supplying each area are indicated. The area in which you reside in the city determines from what wells (hence what part of the aquifer) the water in your faucet comes from, and thus what it's ultimate quality will be.
Realize though that water from individual wells is pumped into a common distribution system, so some mixing can and does occur. For this reason it is difficult to determine with 100% certainty which wells supply each area of the city.

As a general rule of thumb you can assume that the closer you live to a particular well or storage tank, the greater the likelihood that most of your water comes from that source.

Just remember to keep in mind that the situation can vary between summer and winter months. (Recall that during summer, almost all wells are operating to service higher demand; in winter, demand declines and only enough wells operate to meet need.)

The Chubbuck service district encompasses primary water service areas 9, 10, 11 and 12. There is an overlap of primary areas 4 and 5, and mixed area 19 into the Central district to the south.

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