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This map shows primary water service area 1 (WSA #1): South Valley.

WSA #1 lies within the South district. The purple shading indicates the geographic extent of the service area.

Municipal well #P44 supplies water to South Valley in summer at peak demand (highlighted dot, color coded to match its associated primary service district - see key). Other wells on the map are indicated.

Note that well #P14 has tested positive for trichloroethylene (TCE) in excess of the Federal MCL, and has been taken out of service, as have other valley wells. In order to replace the water supply lost from these off-line wells, #P44 was drilled into an uncontaminated portion of the aquifer (directly across the river from the TCE plume). Though impossible to predict with current information, there is a good probability that P44's pumping may eventually smear the TCE plume across the width of the aquifer. Click here to learn more about TCE/PCE in the Portneuf Valley.

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