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Cool Maps consists of an interactive map, picture and text tour of the Portneuf watershed, the Lower Portneuf River Valley aquifer, and the relationship of both to the quality of municipal drinking water in Pocatello and Chubbuck.

With Cool Maps you will explore the LPRV aquifer, the major subdivisions of the aquifer, the locations of municipal water service areas, wells, storage basins and more. Cool Maps will let you pinpoint your geographic location, find the municipal wells that supply the water flowing from your taps and then zoom in on detailed water quality data and information.

At each stop on the Cool Maps Tour examine the maps, read the explanatory text, explore any companion links, then follow the instructions highlighted in bold at the bottom of each segment. Begin by reviewing the Portneuf Watershed & LPRV Aquifer information at right, then locate the Portneuf Watershed on the map and CLICK to start your Cool Maps Tour!

Not on municipal water? You can get a good idea of the general quality of your private well water by locating the city well nearest to you using Cool Maps, then accessing the associated well data and information.



Most people in the area know that our drinking water is pumped from an underground reservoir of fresh water beneath our feet known as the Lower Portneuf River Valley (LPRV) aquifer. What you may not realize however, is that most of the well water distributed to you by the cities' supply systems originally came from surface water drainage flowing through our watershed.

Find the Portneuf watershed, and CLICK to learn more!

A watershed is the land area from which
water drains into a given stream, river,
reservoir or other water body.

The quality of water in our watershed correlates directly to the quality of the well water we drink.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has assigned an Index of Watershed Indicators (IWI) to each watershed in the United States, including those in Idaho.  The IWI categorizes watersheds based on their overall aquatic health. A wide variety of indicators are used to determine an IWI score. These indicators are environmental factors that influence the health of the watershed and hence the quality of our drinking water.

Find the Portneuf watershed on the map above,
then CLICK to zoom in on our IWI score and take
an interactive look at the watershed, the LPRV
aquifer and our municipal drinking water supplies!

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