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Economic Impact Analysis: 1st Progress Report, January 4, 2001
Section I: Background & Overview

In late October 2000, the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) contracted BBC Research & Consulting to perform an evaluation of the economic impacts of enhanced aquifer protection for the Lower Portneuf River Valley Aquifer (LPRV) in Bannock County, Idaho. A group of concerned citizens, community leaders, and technical advisory staff from the Idaho Geological Survey, District 6 Health, the cities and Bannock County (collectively known as the Aquifer Protection Working Group), is working with and providing guidance to IDEQ on this study.

This study has three principal objectives:

  1. Develop and characterize an enhanced aquifer protection scenario designed to protect water quality in the LPRV.

  2. Describe a "baseline scenario" without enhanced aquifer protection measures in terms of economic and financial measures and water quality and quantity characteristics.

  3. Examine the economic and fiscal impacts, costs and benefits of enhanced protection for the LPRV.

The study focuses on the economic implication of preventing future water quality degradation. BBC and its subconsultant, ERO Resources, will rely on existing data and complete this study in May 2001.

The study will entail considerable secondary data collection throughout Bannock County and elsewhere in Idaho. Meetings with the Aquifer Protection Working Group and the public will launch the study and conclude it.

This report summarizes progress during the initial two months of this seven-month study effort. The report is divided into six additional sections following this initial background discussion:

Given the early stage of this study, this progress report is intended primarily to provide background on the study and the issues, rather than answers to the key questions that are the focus of this evaluation.