Who, What, Why


The Portneuf Valley Groundwater Guardian Committee was organized in December 1995. Groundwater Guardian programs are organized nationwide on a volunteer basis and are affiliated with the Groundwater Foundation of Lincoln, Nebraska. We have affiliated with the Groundwater Foundation’s Guardian program to access the great resources and networking available through it.



The Portneuf Valley Groundwater Guardian Committee has adopted a mission of providing education and information to the citizens of our community that will help them better understand the Portneuf River Aquifer from which we all draw our drinking water. This information and education effort will help us all understand the vulnerability of the aquifer to contamination and also understand things we can do both as individuals and as a community to prevent its contamination and utilize this precious resource wisely. Projects taken on by the Portneuf Valley Groundwater Guardian are done on a voluntary basis. Financial support for these projects has come from various businesses and industries in the community, as well as, the cities of Pocatello and Chubbuck, and Bannock County. This support is greatly appreciated.



Since our organization, the Portneuf Valley Groundwater Guardian has been involved in several activities designed to inform and educate the citizens of our community. Activities include information brochures; storm drain stenciling; newsletters; public service announcements and more. Publication of this new web site is a new way of providing community outreach and education. Currently a work in progress, the site will continue to expand as time goes on. The Guardian is pleased to offer these multiple resources. There are many more planned for the future!