The ABC's of Water Conservation

Saving Water is Easy and Fun!Water...the liquid we need to live. Water is vital to each of us every day. For example:
  • At home it's used for drinking, bathing, cooking and cleaning.

  • At work it's used for growing food, providing power, heating, cooling and controlling fire.

  • At play it's used for swimming, fishing, boating and gardening.

But water can be a limited resource! Water use is increasing so fast that in some areas demand is starting to exceed the supply. So, we must learn to conserve water NOW in order to avoid severe shortages in  future.

By saving water you can also:

  • Save money on water and utility bills, sewer and septic costs, state and local taxes.

  • Save energy by reducing the amount of hot water you use and by saving electricity used to pump water.

  • Save the environment by helping ease the burden on water storage, purification, distribution and treatment facilities.

Saving water is easy once you learn how! Use the links at left to discover the ABC's of water conservation.

Adapted from "The ABC's of Water Conservation", a scriptographic booklet produced by
Channing L. Bete Co., Inc., for the 1992 Pocatello Water Department Centennial Celebration.