Learn About Saving H2O

There are four basic ways to save water. Together, they make up the ABC's of water conservation! The four main principles of saving water are:

A. Economize
B. Repair Leaks
C. Install Water-Savers
D. Reuse Water

Learn to apply these general principles throughout your home whenever you use water. CLICK on the links below and learn how to save water with the ABC's!

* In the Bathroom
* In the Kitchen
* In the Laundry
* Household Cleaning
* Outside Your Home
* Your Water System
* Remodeling

You can save water every day, in many ways if you change wasteful habits, re-use water when necessary, use water saving devices, repair leaks promptly, and join a local organization that is working to conserve water, such as the Portneuf Valley Groundwater Guardian.

If everyone saves a little, we can all save a lot!


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Water ABC's