Get Involved in Water Decisions

Get Involved in Water Decisions!Try the Blue Thumb Basics of getting involved in water decisions:
  • Get involved in the decisions that affect the management and quality of your drinking water. Attend public meeting (with adults) where quality and quantity discussions are held.

  • Participate in the clean up of areas surrounding your source water.

  • Participate in a storm drain stenciling program.

  • Join a community group, with your parents, that's taking action regarding drinking water issues in your area.

  • Put pressure on political figures to enforce regulations regarding the dumping of hazardous wastes. Write letters, make phone calls and send e-mail expressing your views and concerns.

  • Ask local businesses to find innovative ways to reduce toxic waste and use water more wisely. Many solutions exist that enable businesses to recycle water, for example.

  • Suggest local officials implement a wellhead protection program if your community relies on groundwater.