FAQs - Just the FAQs - about Ground Water
For Private Well Owners

Private household wells constitute the largest share of all water wells in the U.S. - more than 15 million households have their own well; other kinds of wells are used for municipal systems, industry, agriculture, and quality monitoring. Ground water accounts for 35 percent of all the water used by U.S. municipalities.

Michigan, with 1,121,075 households served by private water wells, is the largest state market, followed by: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New York, and Florida.

Irrigation accounts for the largest use of ground water in the U.S. Some 49 billion gallons of ground water are used daily for agricultural irrigation from more than 516,000 wells. In 1900, the U.S. used only 2.2 billion gallons of ground water daily for irrigation from 17,000 wells.

California leads the nation in the number of irrigation wells with 71,554.

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