LPRV Aquifer: Proactive or Reactive Management?

With proactive management, we can ensure safe drinking water for the future!This presentation is a self-guided tour to familiarize residents with current issues of concern in the Lower Portneuf River Valley Aquifer - Pocatello's and Chubbuck's sole water supply.  The focus of this presentation is on the need to better manage our water supply. The concern is that, because we live on top of the aquifer, and because the aquifer has scant protection from activities at the land surface, our water supply is vulnerable to contamination - and in need of protective management. The Idaho Geological Survey has designed this presentation to assist residents, water managers, and political leaders to become aware of the water supply situation in the lower Portneuf Valley, so that the community can collectively evaluate whether improved water management methods are required to better protect this aquifer's valuable water resource.

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Complete Tour Introduction Physical Hydrology Water Quality Impacts
Highway Pond Management Issues Sensitive Resource Conclusion