About EPA's Regional Geographic Initiative Program

The Regional Geographic Initiative program enables the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Regions to address unique, multi-media, and regional environmental problems that are of high priority.

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The program provides grants for projects that are identified as high priority by an EPA Region, state or locality, that poses a high human health or ecosystem risk, and has significant potential for risk reduction. The program supports projects that are bounded by the region or place in which the problem exists rather than a pollutant or sector. The problems addressed by this program are often multi-media in nature and showcase innovative, multi-media solutions. All of the geographic initiatives within the program directly support one or more of the EPA seven guiding principles: ecosystem management, environmental justice, partnerships, sound science and data, pollution prevention, reinventing EPA management, and environmental accountability.

Idaho is a part of EPA's Region 10. Click to LEARN MORE about Region 10, and ACCESS EPA information about Idaho, including state water quality reports and GIS data.