About PCE in Our Municipal Wells

Municipal well #C4 supplies drinking water to primary water service area 11 (WSA #11: Chubbuck Road West).

The chlorinated solvent, perchloroethylene (PCE or PERC), was detected in both Chubbuck's well #C4 and #C2 in excess of the Federal MCL for this chemical. In response, the City of Chubbuck took well #C2 out of service, and constructed a treatment plant at well #C4.

This remediation facility is called an aeration tower - it removes PCE using an air stripping process. In brief, the system hyper-aerates water containing PCE, which then causes the chemical to volatilize (enter vapor phase) and leave the water with the air as it bubbles out. The vapors bubbling out of the water are collectively called "off-gas". Off-gas is trapped as it leaves the water and is further treated and disposed of.

The only remaining construction needed on the system at well #C4 are exhaust fan noise baffling and possibly some aesthetic treatment of the stripper tower, which should be complete in the near future.

Water supplied by well #C4 is being treated successfully to remove high concentrations of PCE prior to distribution, and is completely safe to drink.