This City of Chubbuck aeration tower is being used to remove tetrachloroethylene (PCE or PERC) contamination from a groundwater plume detected in Well No. 4. High concentrations of PCE are being successfully removed from the water at this time.

The treatment plant at Well No. 4 removes PCE using an air stripping process. The only remaining construction needed on the system are exhaust fan noise baffling and possibly some aesthetic treatment of the stripper tower, which we hope to complete in the near future.

This image appears in "Pouring Money Down a Sewer", a Public Service Announcement produced by your Groundwater Guardian.

Through a grant awarded by the Environmental Protection Agency, a series of six of these television spots were developed. The PSA’s address the high costs of treating polluted groundwater resources, the various ways that many of us could contribute to groundwater contamination, and encouragement to avoid such practices.