Mine Histories

The Survey has prepared detailed production histories on broad mining areas and specific mines. These have been developed as part of recent work identifying inactive and abandoned mines. Several reports have been released in the Survey's Staff Report series.

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  History of the Triumph, Independence, and North Star Mines, Blaine County, Idaho S-97-1
  History of Selected Mines in the Alder Creek Mining District, Custer County, Idaho S-97-2
  History of the Boulder Mines Group, Blaine County, Idaho S-97-3
  History of the Copper Cliff Mine, Adams County, Idaho S-97-4
  History of the Goldstone Mine, Lemhi County, Idaho S-97-5
  History of the Greyhound Mine, Custer County, Idaho S-97-6
  History of the Harmony Mine, Lemhi County, Idaho S-97-7
  History of the Hoodoo Mine, Custer County, Idaho S-97-8
  History of the Idaho Gold Coin Mine (Maid of Erin and Summit Mines), Adams County, Idaho S-97-9
  History of the Livingston Mine, Custer County, Idaho S-97-10
  History of the Lost Packer Mine, Custer County, Idaho S-97-11
  History of the Mines on Estes Mountain, Custer County, Idaho S-97-12
  History of the Mountain King Mine, Custer County, Idaho S-97-13
  History of the Peacock Mine, Adams County, Idaho S-97-14
  History of the Pope-Shenon Mine, Lemhi County, Idaho S-97-15
  History of the Queen of the Hills Mine, Lemhi County, Idaho S-97-16
  History of the Silver Star Mine, Lemhi County, Idaho S-97-17
  History of the Sunbeam Mine, Custer County, Idaho S-97-18
  History of the Mines in the Texas Mining District Near Gilmore, Idaho S-97-19
  History of the Valley Creek Mine, Custer County, Idaho S-97-20
  History of the Yellowjacket Mine, Lemhi County, Idaho S-97-21
  History of the Copper Basin Mine, Custer County, Idaho S-99-1
  History of the Ima Mine, Lemhi County, Idaho S-99-2
  History of the Lead Belt Mine, Butte County, Idaho S-99-3
  History of the Phi Kappa Mine, Custer County, Idaho S-99-4
  History of the Spring Mountain Mine, Lemhi County, Idaho S-99-5
  History of the Wildhorse Mine, Custer County, Idaho S-99-6
  History of Selected Mines in the Custer Area, Custer County, Idaho S-99-7
  History of the Mines in the Bayhorse Area, Custer County, Idaho S-99-8
  History of the Viola Mine, Lemhi County, Idaho S-99-9
  History of the Wilbert Mine, Butte County, Idaho S-00-1
  History of Selected Mines in the Pine Creek Area, Shoshone County, Idaho S-00-2
  History of the Stibnite Mining Area, Valley County, Idaho S-00-3
  History of Selected Mines in the Lakeview Mining District, Bonner County, Idaho S-00-4
  History of the Idaho Continental Mine, Boundary County, Idaho S-00-5
  History of the Jack Waite Mine, Shoshone County, Idaho S-00-6
  History of the Black Horse, Paragon, and St. Peter Mines, Shoshone County, Idaho S-00-7
  History of the Bear Top, Ione, and Orofino Mines, Shoshone County, Idaho S-00-8
  History of the Idaho Almaden Mine, Washington County, Idaho S-00-9
  History of the Kimberly Mine, Idaho County, Idaho S-00-10
  History of the Golden Anchor Mine, Idaho County, Idaho S-00-11
  History of the Minnie Moore Mine, Blaine County, Idaho S-00-12
  History of the Princess Blue Ribbon Mine, Camas County, Idaho S-00-13
  History of Selected Mines in the Mineral District, Washington County, Idaho S-00-14
  History of the Atlanta Mining Area, Elmore County, Idaho S-00-15
  History of the Leadville, Kimmel, and Baby Joe Mines, Lemhi County, Idaho S-04-1
  History of the Deadwood Mine, Valley County, Idaho S-07-2
  History of the Dewey Mine, Idaho County, Idaho S-07-5
  History of the Buckhorn and Related Mines, Lemhi County, Idaho S-07-8
  History of the Lucky Lad, Franklin D, and Mountain Chief Mines, Valley County, Idaho S-08-1
  History of the Belshazzar and Mountain Chief Mines, Boise County, Idaho S-08-3
  History of the Springfield Scheelite Mine, Valley County, Idaho S-08-4
  History of the Singheiser Mine, Lemhi County, Idaho S-08-5
  History of Mines in the Smiley Creek Area of the Vienna Mining District, Blaine and Camus Counties, Idaho S-09-6
  History of the Viola Mine, Lemhi County, Idaho, 2nd edition S-10-4
  History of the Florida Mountain Mines, Owyhee County, Idaho S-10-7
  History of the Clayton Mine and Smelter, Custer County, Idaho S-10-8