Mineral Property Files

The Idaho Geological Survey maintains files on several thousand mining properties in the state. These files include the reports made by companies to the State Mine Inspector from 1899-1962 as well as donated material from the mining industry. Some files contain consulting reports and mine maps. Most are one-of-a-kind documents, and many are in fragile condition. Available files are organized by 1-degree x 2-degree quadrangle and property number, and can be found by searching our Mines and Prospects Database.

The Survey provides digitally scanned copies of records in its Mineral Property Files in the form of Adobe PDF documents on CD. Each order is assessed an initial processing charge of $10.00 and $1.00 for each letter size and legal size sheet in the file (pricing subject to change based on effort required). The cost for any accompanying larger sheets such as maps is $12.00 each. Printed paper copies can also be supplied at an additional $0.15 a page for letter and legal sized sheets. For accompanying larger sheets, the printing cost is calculated at the time of the order. An estimate of the expected delivery time is also given at the time of the order.

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