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were controlled by the cooling History of the flows which governed the rate, degree, and mechanism of ...

, A History of the Western Phosphate Industry, Proceedings of the 1966 Industrial ...

Three periods of activity make up the mining History of the Silver City region. As the graph in Figure 7 shows, two of these episodes were ... If the placer deposits had been the sole attraction in the Silver City region, its History would have been short-lived. By the end of the 1864 season the placers were ... -12- (Wells, 1963, p. 34). This episode in the History of the district involved the dis- covery of the rich Poorman vein. Hays and Ray owned ...



History and production ... taken up in detail below. PLACER DEPOSITS History AND PRODUCTION Gold was discovered along the Salmon River at a point where ... work done on them. COPPER DEPOSITS History AND PRODUCTION The copper deposits were discovered in the late eighties, but ...