2001 Annual Teachers' Summer Field Workshop: 
Geology and Geologic Hazards of Bear Lake Valley

Sponsored By:
Idaho Geological Survey - Idaho Bureau of Disaster Services
The Idaho Earth Science Teachers Association

Earthquakes in the Intermountain Seismic Belt, Basin & Range, Paleozoic to Quaternary Geology,
Karst Topography, Ground & Surface Water, Oil & Gas Exploration



A week of Learning Science

Workshop group photo 1.JPG (185121 bytes)  Everyone say schist.

Orientation 1.JPG (145273 bytes)  Tom Walker explaining the research project.

Orientation 4.JPG (157362 bytes)  Participants picking up instructional material for the week.

Poet.JPG (74690 bytes)  Because of the diversity of teaching disciplines, each teacher develops a different learning experience.
                               Here is a special example of one teacher's opportunity to return a little to everyone. Thank You Marsha

A Short Poem
 By: Marsha Brown

I got here on a Sunday
 very nervous that I'd be
  not the very brightest
   when it came to geology.

A notebook, I was given
 and franticly I wrote
  of every rock and outcroup
   I kept a careful note.

You gave us words to define
 like tectonic, scarp, and chert,
  you handed me a hand lens,
   but all I saw was dirt.

We took an auger to a field
 George dug with all his might,
  Steve quickly passed the acid
   and it fizzed which meant calcite.

On a jaunt to Dingle
 we discovered something grand
  it looked alot like quartzite
   along an alluvial fan.

We found dingluviants in
 dingluvium which dingluviated twice.
  It produced striations of dingluviants
   and it fizzes kind of nice.

An amateur geologist
 is all I'll ever be,
  and I get a little nervous
   with my new vocabulary.

So here's to tertiary,
 alluvial, basalt,
  Precambrian, strike-slip,
   and over-thrust fault.

Lesson Plans
2001-2002 Geologic Hazards Curriculum Development Project.

Resource Information:

USGS Bear Lake Project
     Started in 1998 with the goal of creating records of past climate change for the Bear Lake region, including
     changes in precipitation (rain and snow) patterns during the last 10,000 years.
Geologically Interesting Aspects of the Bear Lake Region

Digital Atlas of Idaho
Earthquake Risk in Idaho
Glossary of Karst and Cave terms
Glossary of Karst related terms
Historical Earthquakes in Idaho
Introduction to the Geology of South & East Idaho
Karst Resources for Teachers
Recent Earthquakes in the Intermountain West
Seismological Society of America
    Seismology Resources For Teachers
Summary of Bear Lake 1884 Earthquake
Summary of Cache Valley 1962 Earthquake
University of Utah Seismograph Stations - Earthquakes 1876 - 1994
What are Earthquakes

Location Maps: Southeastern Idaho Road Map
                        Bear Lake Valley Aerial Map
1995 Borah Peak Field Workshop (earthquake resources)

  A small shallow earthquake occurring Sunday, October 29, 2000 made people near Montpelier wonder if in fact they had felt an earthquake. No damage was reported from the magnitude 3.0 quake, although a few people stated they had felt something.

From USGS Earthquake Hazard Program: Earthquake History of Idaho
"The first earthquake causing damage in Idaho's earthquake history occurred on November 9, 1884, apparently centering in northern Utah. Six shocks were reported felt at Paris, Idaho, causing considerable damage to houses. People suffered from nausea."

Idahoans have experienced earthquakes both large and small throughout Idaho's history. Idaho is growing; both geologically and culturally. As people and businesses relocate to Idaho, the need for increased awareness of geologic hazards and the risks becomes more apparent.

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