Geology and Geologic Hazards of the Borah Peak Area

2005 Summer Field Workshop

2005 Workshop Participants and Staff

2005 Participants (photo by Terry Kuroda)


The Idaho Geological Survey (IGS) holds a field workshop for Idaho earth science teachers every summer. Academic credit is available through the University of Idaho. In 2005, the workshop was held at the Idaho State University Field Station at Borah Peak, near Mackay, Idaho. This website provides a record of workshop activities. Feel free to use any images and text on this website, but please acknowledge the IGS and the author or photographer.

The purpose of the 2005 workshop was:


Support for the 2005 Workshop was provided by:
Thanks to Dan Sturgis for his help writing photo captions and organizing this website.

We are grateful to the following people for donating their time and energy as staff for the 2005 workshop:

Roy Breckenridge (IGS), Jim Cash (Moscow School District), Chris Jonientz-Trisler (FEMA),  Kurt Othberg (IGS),  Bill Phillips (IGS), Stephen Weiser (Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security), Mike Weaver (IGS), Judy Walling (Meridian School District), and Gayle Worthington (IGS)

Thanks to Randy Fiscus and everyone else who worked hard providing two great barbecue dinners. The dinners were sponsored by IESTA and (with Judy Walling's help), the Idaho Mining Association.

For Further Information

Contact: Bill Phillips, Idaho Geological Survey, University of Idaho, PO Box 443014, Moscow, ID 83843-3014,, (208)885-8928

Detailed Workshop Information (Text by Bill Phillips, PDF file)

Participant Presentations (PDF files)

Workshop Photos

Outside the Field Station

DEM and Satellite Image of Borah Peak area

View of the Big Lost River Valley with the Lost River Range to the right. (Image courtesy of Google Earth)

ISU Lost River Field Station

Home away from home. Idaho State University-Lost River Field Station (photo by Bill Phillips). Thanks to Scott Hughes and Diana Boyack of ISU for their help.

 gps   gps
Activity on GPS operation and orienteering (photos by Bill Phillips)

 landslide   landslide
Kurt Othberg lectures on a mass wasting event related to the 1983 Borah Peak earthquake at Birch Springs. Landslide scarp can be seen in background (photos by Bill Phillips).

glacial   glacial
Glacier Geology at its best.  Roy Breckenridge discusses glacial features found in the Lost River Range.  The group is standing next to an end moraine deposit (photos by Bill Phillips).

   mine hazards    fossil hunt   
A fossil hunt for Devonian critters. Jim Cash shows others what to look for (photos by Bill Phillips).

mine hazards   mine hazards
Mike Weaver lectures on the safety hazards of abandoned mines, like this one, found throughout Idaho (photo by Bill Phillips and Jim Cash)

field work    field work    field work
field work    field work
Field work along the 1983 earthquake scarp. The participants are constructing profiles of scarp displacement using a GPS and tape (photos by Bill Phillips)

Inside the Field Station

field station   field station   field station
Workshop participants working hard on their presentations (photos by Bill Phillips).

working too hard

Wow, that was a powerful candy bar!

mining hazards   mining hzards
Mike Weaver delivering lecture on mine rescue.

out of the rock  from the rock   from the rock
“Out of the Rock” workshop instructed by Judy Walling.