Investigating the Geological Evidence Following the 
1983 Borah Peak Earthquake Along the Lost River Range Fault


Sat. View.jpg (404748 bytes)    
False-color infrared satellite image


Challis Hot Springs.jpg (30841 bytes) 
Challis Hot Springs Campground and
swimming facilities


Kurt&Roy.jpg (320132 bytes) 
Facilitators leading the discussion


Kurt&Roy2.jpg (251913 bytes) 
Explanation of the finer points


Roadside Reader 2.jpg (143631 bytes)
Earthquakes in Idaho??


Roadside Reader.jpg (143313 bytes)
Senator William E. Borah 1907 - 1940


Borah Peak Summit.jpg (44656 bytes) 
Borah Peak


Sand Blows.jpg (343220 bytes) 
Sand "boils" near Chilly Buttes


Challis Sunset.jpg (17889 bytes) 
Challis sunset


Anno.Block2.jpg (300286 bytes)     
Fault scarp transecting bedrock at Rock Creek 


Block scarp 2.jpg (303122 bytes) 
Closer view of fault scarp


Bottom of Graben.jpg (57114 bytes) 
Standing at bottom of graben


Offset.jpg (101108 bytes) 
Three meters of offset along scarp 


Stairstep.jpg (146622 bytes) 
Stair-step along the scarp


Aquaduct.jpg (306387 bytes) 
Evidence of left-lateral movement


horst & graben 2.jpg (300928 bytes) 
View southeast of horst and graben


Measurable Offset.jpg (170244 bytes)     
Fault scarp north of Thousand Springs Road


Trench Analysis.jpg (392557 bytes) 
Investigation conducted in trench geology

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