Seismology Resources For Teachers

California State University Los Angeles (cool virtual earthquake activity)
Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Program
National Geophysical Data Center Presents:
    Scientific and Educational Slide Sets
    Digital Data on Compact Disc
Redwood City Public Seismic Network
Seismo-Watch Earthquake Information Services
The Seismological Society of America
    Links to other sites of SSA
University of North Colorado Department of Earth Science

Idaho Seismicity

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Idaho Seismicity
The Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network
    Pacific Northwest Earthquake Information
    Pacific Northwest Earthquakes
Western States Seismic Policy Council
    Current Earthquakes
    State Seismic Safety Advisory Board and Commissions

United States Geological Survey

Idaho Seismicity
Information on Earthquakes
    More Information on Earthquakes
National Earthquake Information Center
National Information Service for Earthquake Engineering
Studying Earthquakes

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