Glacial and Tectonic History within the Southern End of the 
Sawtooth Valley of Central Idaho

Photos During Group Hike to Horton Peak Lookout (~9900ft)

Valley Vista.jpg (230176 bytes)
A view north from Horton Peak. The town of Obsidian center.

Peak 1.jpg (211307 bytes)  Peak 2.jpg (177228 bytes)
White Cloud Peaks - View west from Horton Peak.

Hike Karen et al.JPG (447547 bytes)  Hike Kathy.JPG (247625 bytes)  Hike Susan.JPG (249469 bytes)  
There always seems to be someone with a camera half-way to the top asking you to smile.

JJJ,S on the trail.jpg (458518 bytes)
Information and directional break along Horton Peak Trail.

Crystals on Horton.jpg (336844 bytes)  Crystals on Horton 2.jpg (287392 bytes)  Hike crystal hunt 2.JPG (325619 bytes)
A little surface mining for gypsum crystals (Horton Peak Summit)

Kurt on Horton.jpg (160224 bytes)  Kurt,Sally Amato.jpg (211818 bytes)
Facilitators are always pointing out items of interest and answering questions. (K. Othberg IGS)

Stephen on Horton.jpg (230189 bytes)  Group at Top.jpg (266317 bytes)
Lunch in the sun atop Horton Peak next to historical lookout station. (S. Weiser IBDS)

Photos of Camp Life 

Group at Camp.jpg (269440 bytes)Waiting for numbers to be called during rock raffle.

Jim Cash.jpg (268348 bytes)  Jo,Stephen.jpg (246672 bytes)  Tom Flakus.jpg (241207 bytes)  Sally Amato.jpg (172208 bytes)  Lisa,Dave.jpg (260143 bytes)
The Dutch Oven Brigade prepared some incredible desserts for the participants.

Roy explaining Core Tools.jpg (307098 bytes)  Jo,George,Jim.jpg (344080 bytes)  Camp group work 2.JPG (409026 bytes)
R. Breckenridge (IGS) prepares participants for another day of field investigation.

Field Investigation and Discovery.
Using augers and coring tools, the groups go subsurface to reconstruct the valley's depositional history.

Group on Galena Vista.jpg (126372 bytes)
Group recon at vista stop on northwest face of Galena Summit.

Group Auger.jpg (306777 bytes)I think this one's too tall.

Randy P.jpg (292572 bytes)                                 Coring kettle 2.JPG (267140 bytes)
Why are there so many rocks?             Investigating under threatening skies.

Group Core.jpg (283400 bytes)
Is this a left or right handed hole?

Randy with Auger.jpg (356495 bytes)
Just a little deeper.

Presentations of each group's findings following week of inquiry using self-discovery and investigation!

Jim & Jon.jpg (276353 bytes) Michael,Lisa,Dave.jpg (269850 bytes)
Group I 

Butch,Skip,Randy,Tom,Joe.jpg (295386 bytes)
Group II

Randy,Janice.jpg (269241 bytes)
Group III

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