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The Survey's historical information on mines is being used to guide projects that inventory hazards and environmental concerns at inactive and abandoned mines, many of which are decades old. Over 1,600 properties have been evaluated to date by the Survey's expert personnel in cooperative programs with land management agencies. Knowledge of minerals mined, mining methods and processing techniques, rock types, and fault distributions must be known in detail for risk assessments and development of reclamation plans. However, accurate information on many of the old mines is in danger of being lost without funding for data preservation. The public should not enter or approach old mines due to the risk from many types of hazards.

Current mining activity and Idaho annual mining review records:
Mining is an important part of Idaho's economy. Every year the Survey canvasses current mining activity throughout the state and compiles and presents a review of mining and exploration. This link provides access to downloadable Power Point and slide presentations, publications, drafts, and other relevant data sorted by year.

Mines interactive web app:
Idaho Geological Survey's Mines web app is designed for researching locations of historic mineral exploration and extraction activity. Downloads of unique documents, such as images and geological reports are available through this app. A help file is available to get the most out of using this powerful resource. Direct download links to Idaho Geological Survey and some United States Bureau of Mines publications are provided for select mine properties. A working version of DD-1 database drives this application, however location and attribute information in the Mines app supersedes DD-1.

DD-1 Database of the mines and prospects of Idaho:
Idaho Geological Survey's publication Digital Database-1 (or DD-1) is an .mdb database developed and maintained in Microsoft Access versions 2000 and later, and ESRI ArcGIS Desktop versions 10.3 and later. The database has records for over 8870 locations involving mining in Idaho. In addition to the database (personal geodatabase), the downloadable DD-1 is bundled with other products such as a shapefile, a KMZ file, and metadata.

Mineral Property Files:
Our collection of Mineral Property files consists of mine maps and other documents for over 2000 of the mine properties in DD-1.

Mine histories:
We have over 50 publications concerning the history of select mines and Mining Districts. These vary widely in content. Some are 'bare bones' compilations of geologic information, maps, production data, etc., while others include anecdotes, historical photographs, and other informative and entertaining content.

Geochemistry Digital Analytical Data (DAD) publications and Geochem web application:
Downloadable whole-rock geochemical data collected by Survey personnel and other sources. Mostly major- and trace-element data from unaltered rocks; includes selected uranium analyses from the National Uranium Resource Evaluation (NURE) program. Limited unpublished geochemical data for Idaho can also be found in ScienceBase. Geochemical data from United States Geological Survey projects in Idaho, along with other minerals-related digital data are available from the United States Geological Survey.

Aggregate web application:
Interactive web application for select aggregate material sources in Idaho. Related sources of information are publications IGS T-14-1, DD-9, and DD-1.

DD-9 Database of Select Aggregate Material Sources for Idaho:
Idaho Geological Survey's publication Digital Database-9 (or DD-9) is an .mdb database developed and maintained in Microsoft Access versions 2000 and later, and ESRI ArcGIS Desktop versions 10.3 and later. In addition to the database (personal geodatabase), the downloadable DD-9 is bundled with other products such as a shapefile and metadata.

Idaho Geological Survey staff and Idaho Geological Survey publications:
Our personnel are available to assist with any questions, and the Survey's publications offer a wealth of information concerning Idaho's mineral resources. We also curate a library of unpublished theses and dissertations, other unpublished material, and a collection of United States Bureau of Mines publications no longer in print.

Mine Safety Health and Administration (MSHA):
The Idaho Geological Survey is no longer offering MSHA training, but the link above provides information about the MSHA program.

Other useful links:
A list of federal and state agency mining-related links that may be useful.

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