Current & Historic Mining Activity

Annually the Idaho State Inspector of Mines (1899-1974) would canvas the state and collect information concerning mineral extraction and exploration activities. A report for the year would be presented to the Idaho State Govener's office to inform policy. Summary data were provided to the United States Geological Survey and the now defunct United State Bureau of Mines to assist with their respective efforts to compile national annual minerals and production information. In addition to historical mining information many of these Idaho State Mine Inspector reports include commentary or mention of current events impacting or of interest to Idaho citizens, government, and the mining industry.

After dissolution of the office of the Idaho State Inspector of Mines in 1974, the Idaho Bureau of Mines and Geology (now the Idaho Geological Survey) began to collect and compile annual mineral exploration and extraction data. These Regional Development reports typically contain information about exploration, remediation efforts, legislation, production, and other activities for the year concerning the mining industry in Idaho. After the Survey canvasses current mining activity each year, the results are presented at the December convention of the American Exploration and Mining Association (formerly Northwest Mining Association). Written summaries are compiled and provided to the United States Geological Survey Minerals Information Office for inclusion in annual Minerals Yearbook chapters for Idaho. Some Regional Development report drafts are prepared by the Idaho Geological Survey. Some drafts are published as Staff Reports by the Survey, or as other series, and some have been printed as Mining Engineering articles. Many annual mining review manuscripts remain unpublished, and may be incomplete (lacking table of contents, index, etc.). None of the visual presentations have been published. The Current and Historic Mining Activity material includes some manuscripts and presentations from other sources.

The Survey is currently in the process of releasing out of print and unpublished annual mining review materials to the public. As these are prepared, they will be made available through the links below. Contact Christopher Tate in the Moscow office (208-885-7540, to inquire about annual mining review material not yet available for download or other questions.

For more details about mining, exploration, prospecting, and mineral resources, contact Dr. Virginia Gillerman in the Boise Branch Office of the Survey (208-332-4420,

Note: The Survey is not a regulatory agency. Environmental permitting and monitoring is handled by the federal land management agencies, Idaho Department of Lands, and other state and federal agencies.

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