External Mining Links

Federal Agencies

Bureau of Land Management-Idaho:
Bureau of Land Management Idaho-specific information about mining and minerals:

Bureau of Land Management-LR2000:
Bureau of Land Management search engine for mining claims, leasable minerals, and other mine-related records of file.

Bureau of Land Management-Mining Claims general info:
Search for 'claims information' for a wealth of up to date information.

National Park Service:
Information about mineral and aggregate development on National Park lands.

A repository of Idaho-specific data aggregated in the National Digital Catalog. Includes descriptions of collections of hand samples, Paleomagnetic data, Paleontological samples, rock cores and cuttings, well logs, etc. available through the Idaho Geological Survey.

United States Fish and Wildlife Service:
Digest of Federal Resource Laws of Interest: Mining and Mineral Leasing.

United States Forest Service:
Information about locatable minerals on United States Forest Service lands.

United States Geological Survey:
Geochemical data from United States Geological Survey projects in Idaho, along with other minerals-related digital data

United States Geological Survey:
Geologic maps, publications, and access to the Mineral Resource Database (MRDS).

United States Geological Survey:
Project description and products for USMIN Mineral Resource Data and Mineral Deposit Database.

United States Geological Survey Defense Minerals Administration dockets:
Dockets for Defense Minerals Administration-, Defense Minerals Exploration Administration-, and Office of Minerals Exploration-reviewed projects for Idaho, 1950-1974.

State Agencies

Idaho Department of Environmental Quality:
Information about permitting mineral extraction and exploration.

Idaho Department of Lands:
Information about mining, mineral leases, rock hounding, etc.

Idaho State Archives:
Collections of records related to historical mining activity in Idaho.

Office of Energy and Mineral Resources:
Energy and mineral planning and policy in Idaho.


University of Idaho Special Collections:
Collections of records related to historical mining activity in Idaho, including photographs.