About IGS

Mission Statement

The Idaho Geological Survey is the lead state agency for the collection, interpretation, and dissemination of geologic and mineral data for Idaho. The agency has served the state since 1919 and prior to 1984 was named the Idaho Bureau of Mines and Geology.

Members of the Idaho Geological Survey staff acquire geologic information through field and laboratory investigations and through cooperative programs with other governmental, academic, and private sector alliances. The Idaho Geological Survey provides timely and meaningful information to the public, industry, academia, and legislative decision makers by conducting geologic mapping, geohazard assessments that focus on earthquakes and landslides, mineral and energy resource assessments, groundwater and hydrology research, and educational and outreach opportunities. The Survey's Digital Mapping Laboratory is central to compiling, producing, and delivering new digital geologic maps and publications for the agency. The Idaho Geological Survey is also engaged in the collection and compilation of data and information pertaining to abandoned and inactive mines in the state, earth science education, and a newly added focus of petroleum geology assessments. As Idaho grows, demand is increasing for geologic and geospatial information related to population growth, energy-mineral and water-resource development, landslide hazards, and earthquake monitoring.

mission chart

Advisory Board

Leslie Baker
Chair, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Idaho

Susan Cleverley
Mitigation Section Chief, Idaho Office of Emergency Management

Chris Dail
Exploration Manager, Midas Gold LLC

David Hawk
Representative, Office of the Governor

Mike McCurry
Chair, Department of Geosciences, Idaho State University

James McNamara
Chair, Department of Geosciences, Boise State University 

Dan Moore
Professor, Department of Geology, Brigham Young University – Idaho

Keith Nottingham
Geologist, American Geotechnics 

Rich Reed
Idaho Association of Professional Geologists, Idaho Engineering and Geology, Inc.


Idaho Geologic Mapping Advisory Committee

Janet Hohle
Chair, Project Manager - Clearwater Focus Program, Idaho Governor’s Office of Species Conservation

James R. Bartolino
District Ground Water Specialist, U.S. Geological Survey, Idaho Water Science Center

Stephen Box
Research Geologist, U.S. Geological Survey, Minerals Program

Dale Kerner
Mining Services Manager, Haley & Aldrich, Inc.

Mark Kimsey
Intermountain Forestry Cooperative, Department of Forestry, Rangeland and Wildfire Sciences, College of Natural Resources, University of Idaho

Sean Long
Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences, Washington State University

Ryan McDaniel
Risk MAP Program Manager, Idaho Office of Emergency Management

Jim Myers
Senior Exploration Geologist, Hecla Silver Valley, Inc.

Dennis Owsley
Technical Hydrogeologist, Idaho Department of Water Resources

David Pearson
Assistant Professor, Department of Geosciences, Idaho State University

Karen Porter
Geologist, Program Lead Leasable and Salable Minerals, Bureau of Land Management, Idaho State Office

Kenneth C. Reid
State Archaeologist and Deputy State Historic Preservaton Officer, Idaho State Historic Preservation Office

Diane Wheeler
Forest Geologist, Caribou-Targhee National Forests